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Efficiently manage your customers & data [para] Membermeister makes it quick and easy to manage & store all of your data. Log into your account to view an overall picture of your business on the dashboard; new sign ups, an invoice timeline, upcoming classes and more. Or quickly navigate between the tabs to view your student/member's data, invoices and payments, email & SMS communications or reporting.
Process new enquiries, add to waiting lists and enrol new students with one click! [para] Our fully customisable online registration form will make it super simple for you to secure all the information you need about your students, parents & guardians. When a new registration form is submitted, the details are automatically entered into your membermeister account and with one click you can enrol new students to a class or add them to a waiting list - making lost paper forms and bad handwriting a thing of the past.
I would 100% recommend! [para] Thank goodness for membermeister - it is like having an extra pair of hands to help with your admin.
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Automate your billing and get paid on time every time [para] Create hundreds of professional invoices and send them out with the click of a button. Easily automate applicable discounts, send reminders and keep track of where you stand financially at a moment's notice. Go a step further and utilise our payment integration with GoCardless for invoices that automatically reconcile themselves or enable Stripe within your membermeister account so your customers have the option to pay via Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay!
Delegate your workload throughout your team [para] You'll be surprised how much time you will save by offloading some work to your team and staff members. With membermeister you can add new team members easily and tighten their access to suit your level of trust - you control who can log in and how much access they should have. If a team member leaves you can simply revoke their access - You're in control right from the start.
Beautifully branded, fully customisable business documents [para] We can add your logo, contact details, terms and conditions, even colour theme to your online registration form and provide you with professionally designed invoices, statements, documents, emails and more!
Customer Communication is a breeze with our industry leading email platform or SMS bundles [para] You can email your customers in minutes with any information you have to share - news, reminders, special offers, one-off events. Contact them all, or select by specific class, location or day they attend. If you have something more urgent to share then use the in-built SMS feature.
Easy card and online payments with Stripe [para] Our integration with Stripe is perfect for taking credit card payments or online payments via Google Pay & Apple Pay!
Direct debit transactions with Gocardless [para] Our integration with GoCardless is perfect for collecting recurring payments from your customers!

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A Fantastic Product! [para] Membermeister has transformed our business and evolved with us as we have grown. It's so simple to use and everything is in one place. [para] Fantastic value for money - we could never go back to how we used to manage.

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